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Using keywords effectively requires a good deal of thought BEFORE you start building your site - and goes far beyond simply tacking on a keywords meta-tag after the page is built! Before your web site design work begins, you must decide on your product or service's target market. Then, determine what those potential buyers type into the search engines when they are looking for web sites offering your type of products or services...

The best keywords then form the template for your site. The most important keyword(s) should form your base URL - use, not; instead of You can always register your company name as a domain name as well, and link it to the same page - but promote the keywords URL to the search engines! As you can see, keyword optimization goes far beyond merely optimizing meta tags.

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As you map out the logical path and flow of your site, use your keywords to name the sub-directories and web pages as you build them. Again, use /machinery/used-presses.htm, not mach/heid07.htm. With these keywords-laden addresses set up, start adding copy to each page. Naturally, those same keywords form the title of the page, and should be worked into the on-screen title of each page. Then sprinkle them liberally through the text copy on the page. DON'T try to use all your keywords on each page - optimize each page for one or two keywords only. And when offering links to other pages within the site, use keywords as your linking text!

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OK... So now you've mapped out your strategy, optimized your keywords, built a dynamite site and uploaded it to your web host... Now it's time to build your web site traffic, and get those orders flowing in! But how best to go about your web site promotion?

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